Wisconsin Judicial Commission
Board Member, 2000-2006
Chair, 2004-2005

Wisconsin Supreme Court
Policy and Planning Advisory Committee

Board Member, 2002-2008
Alternatives to Incarceration Subcommittee Vice-Chair, 2004-2007

State of Wisconsin Access to Justice Commission
Treasurer, 2009-Present
Executive Committee, 2009-Present
Finance Committee Chair, 2009-Present
Research and Resource Committee Member, 2009-Present

Milwaukee County Circuit Court Task Force on Pro Se Litigation Services
Member, 1998-2000

Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judicial Study
Member and League of Women Voters Liaison, 1994-1997
Public Interaction Committee Member, 1994-1997
Diversity Grant Subcommittee Member, 1994-1997


A highly-respected, accountable leader of many professional, civic, governmental, academic, and
faith-based organizations.


Nonprofit Center of Milwaukee, Inc.

Vice Chair, 2012 - Present

League of Women Voters of Greater Milwaukee, Inc.
Board Member, 2005-2008
Judicial Liaison, 1992-1997
Member, 1987-Present

Church of the Gesu Parish
Trustee, 2000-2010
Parish Council Member, 2000-2010

Member, 1989-Present

Dominican Center for Women, Inc
(Inner city home ownership)
Board Member, 2006-2010

Cathedral Center, Inc.
(Homeless shelter for women and children)
Board Member, 2007-2009

Benedict Center, Inc.
(Court alternatives to incarceration and post-incarceration services for women)
Treasurer, 2005-2007
Board of Directors, 1998-2007
Court Action Committee, 1990-1999

Milwaukee Archdiocesan Review Board
(Protection of children from clerical abuse)
Charter Member, 2002-2006


State Bar of Wisconsin
Board of Governors, 1996-1998, 2015 - Present
Commission on Delivery of Legal Services, 1994-1998
-----Implementation Committee, 1997-1998
Professionalism Committee, 1993-1996
Local Bar Leaders Conference Committee, 1992-1998
Committee on Participation of Women in the Bar, 1992-1996
-----Women in Prison Subcommittee Member, 1993-1996
-----Domestic Violence Subcommittee Member, 1992-1995
-----Pro Bono Committee Subcommittee Member, 1992-1994
Legal Assistance Committee, 1990-1994

Milwaukee Bar Association
President, 1999-2000
Officer, 1993-1999
Board Member, 1991-2000
Elder Law Section, Co-Chair, 2010-Present
Federal Bench Bar Committee, Initiator 2000
Judicial Elections Evaluation Committee, Initiator 1998-2000
Safe Family Visitation Initiative, Initiator and Co-chair 1998-2000
Continuing Legal Education Committee, 1995-1998
Multi-Bar Pro Bono Task Force Co-Chair, 1990-1992
Legal Services to the Indigent Committee, 1989-2009
          Chair, 1991-1993

Milwaukee Young Lawyers Association
Board of Directors, 1992-1996
Milwaukee Summer Law Internship, Co-founder, 1993-1996

Association for Women Lawyers

Law Student Scholarship Committee, 1999-Present
Professionalism Committee, 1992-1994
Pro Bono Committee, 1989-1994

Milwaukee Bar Foundation, Inc.
Board of Directors, 2000-2004
Non Profit Pro Bono Project, Initiator and vice-chair, 1999-2004
MBA Foundation Study Project, Initiator and chair, 1999-2001


Milwaukee Bar Association

  • Co-chair Elder Law Section
  • Chair Legal Services to the Indigent Committee
  • Vice-chair charter member Continuing Legal Education Committee
  • Co-chair Multi-Bar Pro Bono Task Force
  • Member and board liaison Speaker’s Bureau Committee
  • Member & Board liaison Professionalism Committee
  • Member and author MBA Messenger Committee (newsletter/journal)
  • Charter Member Community Communications Committee

Milwaukee Young Lawyers Association

  • Co-founder/coordinator of the Milwaukee Summer Law Internship
  • Chair and founder AIDS Automated Legal Hotline
  • Chair Pro Bono for the Arts Committee
  • Chair Volunteer Lawyers Project Committee

Milwaukee Bar Foundation

  • Initiator and vice-chair Non Profit Pro Bono Project
  • Initiator and chair MBA Foundation Study Project

Marquette University Law School

  • Founder and Advisor Pro Bono Society


Milwaukee County Ethics Board
Member, 2001-2006
Vice-Chair, 2006-2006
Code Revision Committee Chair, 2002-2006

Milwaukee County Ethics Study Committee
Member, 2005-2008
Principal Author, Revised Ethics Code

City of Milwaukee Ethics Board
Member, 1999-2002

Wisconsin Supreme Court Ethics 2000 Committee
Member, 2002-2007
General Issues Subcommittee Chair, 2002-2007

State Bar of Wisconsin Professional Ethics Committee
Member, 1996-2002

Vice-Chair, 2000-2002

Authorized and paid for by Hannah Dugan for Judge Committee. John S. Schiro, Treasurer.

April 5, 2016